To Every Citizen Of The World:

I had been dreaming of a better life, a better family, a better community, a better country, and finally, a better world.
Education made me realize it is not that easy. It should start with me, and with every one of us. A single stick can easily be broken, but hundreds of it, when put together, will never be broken. God had given me the courage to follow my calling. It is the Almighty who gave me the mission to find people who are willing to help others and to equip them to be good and strong citizens too.

With them I planned and started to realize my vision:
To help to make a better world. It was difficult at first, but I proved that there is always good in every one’s heart, because each of us is created with goodness and kindness in our heart. May God help us to make plans and worthwhile projects which will benefit locals, and in time, others from afar.

Global Compassion was a "baby", but slowly it grew strong and became a reliable "shelter" for every person’s dream. Many people from different countries became members, helpers, donors and partners to prepare to launch the organization. The organization was finally established in March, 2013. Its goals are in allignment with the goals of the United Nations to end poverty. I am inviting all of you to partake in this opportunity to build a better life not only for ourselves, but for all mankind. Each of us can make a difference. God be with us all.

Clement AwanfeNgueto




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