About us

aboutus"I had been dreaming of a better life, a better family, a better community, a better country, and finally, a better world.
Education made me realize it is not that easy. It should start with me, and with every one of us!
A single stick can easily be broken, but hundreds of it, when put together, will never be broken."

Clement Awanfe Ngueto
Founder-President of Global Compassionaboutus01Global Compassion is Cameroon based non-profit organization working in humanitarian issues such as education for children, potable water, community services and peacebuilding.

Global Compassion work to improve, protect and save every community and every person’s life with basic human needs.

To end poverty and promote peace in Cameroon.

To promote strength and impact of communities through building the capacity of local groups to improve quality of life in Cameroon.

aboutus02If you like to become our partner, please contact us.


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